Free PMP Certification Practice Questions:

You are the project manager at XYZ Software Corp, a U.S. software company developing enterprise Human Resources Applications. You've been asked to reduce the Company's engineering costs by developing an off-shore software development center.

Recently, the Senior VP of Engineering has expressed concerns over the project plan. His concern is that if the project is implemented as planned, he'll have to layoff a substantial portion number of US-based software engineers. The organizational impact of the layoffs is substantial and was not taken into consideration during the project planning.

However, the project sponsor wants you to continue as originally planned. The project sponsor insists that any deviation from the plan would result in poor product quality, and would cause customers to suffer.

As the project manager, what should you do?

A) Since the impact of the layoffs was not taken into account during project planning, the project should be indefinitely postponed until the impact can be thoroughly examined. The project plan should be revised to accommodate for the organizational impact of the layoffs.

B) Based on the input from the Senior VP, you should file a change request item to adjust the project plan accordingly.

C) The conflict between the project sponsor and Senior VP should be resolved in favor of the project sponsor.

D) The conflict between the project stakeholders should be resolved in favor of the customer.

  • [Ans: D]

  • Managing stakeholder expectations may be difficult because stakeholders often have very different perspectives and objectives that may come into conflict. In general, differences between or among stakeholders should be resolved in favor of the customer.

    However, this does NOT mean that the needs of stakeholders should be disregarded. Instead, a project manager should identify the stakeholders and assess their needs as early as possible in the project.

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