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Manual Product Activation:

1) Please Install And Start-Up The Practice Exam Software. From Within The Practice Exam Software Itself, Please Select The License Tab (See Yellow Highlighted Tab). Please Enter Your E-mail / Last name & Press The "Repair" Button.


2) Once You Press The "Repair Button", The Software Will Attempt To Automatically Download The License Key. If You Lack Internet Connectivity Or A Firewall / Proxy Is Limiting Your Internet Access, The Software Will Automatically Prompt If You Would Like To Perform Manual Registrtaion instead. Click the "Manual" Button to proceed with Manual Registration.


3) A Web Browser Window Will Open That Will Automatically Direct You To Our License Servers. Please Click On The Button To Download and Save Your License Key. Please Save The License Key Onto Your Computer.

  • If You Are Unable To Connect To The Internet Through Your Web Browser, Please Review Our Offline Activation Instructions.


    4) You'll Need To Manually Import The License Key You've Downloaded (From Step 3) Into The Practice Exam Software. From Under The "License Tab" Within The Practice Exam Software, Please Import Your Downloaded License Key Into The Product. Please Locate And Select The License Key By Using The Browse Button, And Click Import.


    Congratulations, Your Product Should Now Be Activated And Ready For Use!

    If You Have Any Questions, Please Review Our Knowledge Base For Solutions To Frequently Asked Questions.